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Window Replacement Free Window Coverings

It is likely you presently have curtains, blinds, or some kind of combination of both, but what do you envision will cover your windows once they are replaced?

Believe it or not, but very few homeowners think the entirety of their window replacement through by the time they sign a contract with a window company. And one of the most overlooked parts of the replacement is figuring out what kind of window coverings, if any, are going to go on your new windows.

Whether for privacy, to have light control, or simply for aesthetic purposes window coverings can help create the unique look of your home and add a special touch to any room. Green Smart offers a wide range of brand name window coverings, including Hunter Douglas, and free window covering consultation included in your window package.  All of our window packages offer a free window covering consultation by our specialists which can be an added savings not to mention piece of mind.

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