Hello dear family & friends,

We want to assure you that during this time we are taking extra precautions for our families & our clients. We operate a Clean, Green, Smart business, by this we mean:

Green: We are devoted to improving our environment now and in the future. By this we mean that we are not only improving our environment by using Green products, but by addressing, head on, the current concerns related to this deadly new virus that has effected us all.

Clean: We take careful measures to ensure all of our products are installers are clean and sanitized before, after & during installation.

Smart: When our employees are sick, they stay home.  When we enter your home, we respect your space and social distancing.  We provide non-customer contact by emailing quotes and by installing at safe distances from homeowners & leaving the space clean and sanitized after we leave.

The benefit to having us come in to your home rather than a store or showroom is that we lower the risk dramatically for the spread of this or any other viruses. We bring everything to you in the comfort of your own home.

We will hand sanitize before entering, during and when we leave. All of our sample products are sanitized before and after our consultation.

If you would like to do an online appointment we can even Face Time different options and drop the samples at your door for you to look at in your home. You do not need to leave!!