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Who better to recommend and install window coverings on your new windows than a window expert. Custom window coverings with Free installation by one of our technicians ensures your new windows will not be damaged and that your warranty will not be effected by a bad install. Ask for details!


Looking for new home window replacements in Regina can be an overwhelming task for any homeowner. There are so many choices and options. We offer a wide range of high quality and budget friendly windows & doors that will reduce your heating and cooling costs, leaving a smaller environmental footprint on the earth. Our window experts are standing by to help you with your choices.


When it comes to researching a window company there are many ways you can go about getting the right one. There are plenty of review sites online, and no company’s website is short on praising themselves and what they do. But we believe one of the most reliable ways to find quality people for the job is still through word of mouth. That is why we don’t only encourage but endorse client referrals. Our best source of advertising is through people like you. 

You may not realize it, but building green begins long before windows & doors are ready for installation on your home. It begins with a strong commitment to "source reduction" by the manufacturer. This means that all aspects of new window & door production are designed to help reduce the volume and environmental impact of waste, while also achieving optimum material use to create products with a longer service life. At Green Smart Regina, we strongly promote best practices for environmental stewardship and proudly offer a wide variety of eco-friendly vinyl, steel and aluminum products.

Reduce your heating and cooling costs by choosing new windows & doors that are thermal with key elements in their construction. Low-E coating during the winter retains the heat inside your home while keeping the cold air out.

Remember, no matter how efficient your new window is, the correct installation is a huge part of a successful window replacement. When removing your old windows, it is our job to inspect the frame to ensure they are not rotting and to replace any damaged parts before installing your new windows. When the installation is complete, we clean up all of the debris and remove any waste material leaving your residence clean. As part of our warranty, we will be there to take care of your windows should problems occur.

ENERGY STAR® qualified glass packages for maximum thermal performance and year-round energy conservation.

Windows & Doors Financing

What will my window replacement cost? 

This is a common worry for homeowners as they are looking for new windows & doors. Choosing an energy efficient window can lower your cost of heating and cooling and be a big part your decision. Our team is standing by to talk about all of your window style and budget needs.  Windows are an important part of any exterior renovation that's why we have financing available. Apply now and let's get your project started with a free quote. 

Common Questions

What is the average cost to replace windows?

The average cost to replace your windows will depend on how many windows and the window sizes. This is why Green Smart will use professional window replacement measurements and provide a free consultation to narrow down the correct product that will suit your homes exterior aesthetics while keeping your budget in mind.  

Where can I find a new front door? 

Front entry doors & windows are what we specialize in.  We have a wide range of new front doors to choose from and brand name suppliers with superior warranties. 

Who has the best windows and doors?

The best windows & doors are energy efficient and will be energy star rated. All of Green Smart's window & door products will fit the bill for any window replacement project you have in mind. 

Low E glass designed specifically for Canadian Climates.
Innovative self-cleaning glass.
Unique glass elements for your windows.
Custom built to suit your unique needs.
Industry leading Lifetime Warranties.
Wide range of color options for your windows.
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Our team is standing by to talk about your renovation project!